Waitr Recorder

Testsquad.org was the place where individuals could find out how to retrieve data from DB2 within an automated script. The website was intended for those who would have need to perform this operation as part of the parameterization of the automated tests and their will to make the data independent. Individuals who needed to check the existence of information that was already present in the DB and those who wanted to verify automatically that information in their scripts would have found this website useful in particular. The page explained how exactly to do this while ensuring that the quality of the programming that was involved was one of the best.

According to Testsquad.org, one needed to use a third party as their means to connect the RFT to the DB system. The third party had been chosen to be iSeries ODBC driver and it went on by explaining how to configure this type of driver in easy steps so that interested individuals could complete their mission without too much effort. As such, the page explained that one needed to install the program together with its DB components and they should do this on their own or by asking specialists for help. Adding the ODBC in Windows operating computers would be quite easy as one only needs to go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools and Data Source. Then press Add and then chose iSeries Access ODBC Driver. Clicking Finish would then install the needed drivers, without too much effort being put into. The website went on explaining on how individuals could parameterize their choices with regards to the libraries and it even showed an example of a programming model that could have been used. This website ensured that individuals could perform these operations easily and smoothly by explaining what one needs to do in order to reach their goals.